Lyrics to Monterey Jack
Monterey Jack Video:
Monterey Jack woke up in his shack.
On a Monday.
Monterey Jack had a little bitty snack
On elderberry wine.
Monterey Jack walked down the track --
All the way to old Harley's shack.
Stuck his knife in old Harley's back,
And they say that's the way old
Harley Davidson died.

1-2-3-4 (spoken by Dennis)

Old Jack Hoff was getting off in a doorway.
Old Jack Hoff was getting off
With little Sarah Lee.
Old Jack Hoff was gettin' off
When he mumbled and stumbled
And started to cough.
His veins went hard and he went soft.
They say that's the way old Jack Hoff O.G.'ed.

You mean O.D. (spoken by Dennis)
No....O.G. (spoken by Ray)
Oh, Man what's that? (Dennis)
That's when you O.D. and you say OOOOOOGGGEEEE (Ray)

1-2-3-4 (Dennis)

Thom McAn was sittin in the sand by the ocean.
Thom McAn looked in his hand and found a jelly roll.
Thom McAn was feeling grand.
All the girls were licking his hand.
He's a heel but man o'man.
Everybody knows that
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