Lyrics to Montage 1
Montage 1 Video:
[VAL] Hello twelve, [RICHIE] Hello thirteen, [MAGGIE] Hello Love. [AL] Changes, Oh! [BEBE] Down below. [DIANA] Up above. [VAL] Time to doubt, [MIKE] To break out' [RICHIE] It's a mess, [MAGGIE] It's a mess. [PAUL AND JUDY] Time to grow. [MAGGIE AND AL] Time to go [CONNIE, BOBBY AND RICHIE] Adolesce, [ALL] Adolesce. Too young to take over, Too old to ignore. [AL] Gee, I'm almost ready, [ALL] But...what...for? There's a lot I am not Certain of. Hellot twelve Hello thirteen Hello love. [ALL (except Connie)] Goodbye twelve Goodbye thirteen Hello love... [BEBE ] Robert Goulet, Robert Goulet My God, Robert Goulet! [ALL] ...Oh! Down below Up above... [DON] Playing Doctor with Evelyn [ALL] La la la [RICHIE] I'll show you mine [ALL] La la [RICHIE] You show me yours [ALL] La la [KRISTINE] Seeing Daddy...naked! [ALL] Time to grow, Time to go... [SHEILA] Surprise! [ALL] La la la [SHEILA] Mom and Dad were doing it. [BOBBY] I'm gonna be a movie star.

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