Lyrics to Monsters
Monsters Video:
When he was a young man
His mother set him free
she said there's lots of monsters among us
that prey on you and me
well he had never told her
but he'd seen these monsters too
so he looked her in the eyes
and said "I know this to be true"

He had barely left town
when he stumbled on a fool
his words they were so boisterous
and his mouth was full of drool
the fool just stood there talking
and he was ambushed by a brute
he has seen his kind before
and his senses were astute

Then he came across a woman
and her outlook was so cold
she took the warmth right from his hands
and the bread right out his bowl
when he reached St. Peter he said
"You better open up that gate
I've been waiting for so long
and my appetite is great"
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