Lyrics to Monster
Monster Video:
Destroy me as want turns to need
you murder me just to watch me bleed.
I live inside... my own make belief,
I sacrifice... what you can't see
I'm hissing mad and I'm dripping wet.
I have no father, I have no pet and I'll be damned the day I die
your antimuse your antilife
can I speak?
I will destroy if I speak,
it will destroy how I speak...
I will destroy when I speak...
it will destroy you another lover, another man, another victim of circumstance.
I close my eyes with no regret I know your name baby but I forget
my mouth is cruel and my lips are mean,
I dirty minded and I am obscene
but I'll be saved the day I die,
I'll be your muse, I'll be your lie (repeat chorus)

I see God and he is my friend
but the devil's standing next to him,
he says my name and I feel so weak,
just like a monster you cannot speak,
I am like a monster...
when I speak am I a monster... when I speak?
your just a monster when we speak so I'm a monster when I speak...
can I speak? I'll be your monster when we speak
and I will speak to destroy...
speak and destroy....
speak and destroy yeah
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