Monolithic Damnation Lyrics


Through The Cracks Of Death

Lyrics to Monolithic Damnation
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[music: Reifert, lyrics: Reifert, bass: Reifert]

Morbid tainting of the cursed
Noxious fibers seek to burst
Caress young minds soon deformed
With peace simplicity scorned

Ape... man; hand in poisoned hand
Red skies in a changing land

Hand of destiny masturbating
Bone crushes bone
Skull trying to think smites
Skull trying to live

The end is yesterday
Flesh shall turn
Into tin and plastic doom
Come to rot
Locusts swarm
And feed upon their cosmic tomb

Monolithic damnation
Monolithic damnation

[solo - Bower]

Monolithic damnation
Monolithic damnation

[solo - Coralles]
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