Lyrics to Monoculture
Monoculture Video:
There's a hole in the head of a man on the street
Empty rhetoric, tell me what to buy, tell me where to sleep
No future, no now, no ability to retrace our steps
Same faces, same school, same old same old what we already knew

We've come a long way
From the bottom up to minimum wage
Another day, another dollar
Another day, another bother

Watching a flock of sheep piling up in a room
Nowhere to breathe, you'd sell me air if you could
Same fashion, same scene, same community without a belief
Blindfolded, can't wait, single file off a bridge, overcrowded lake

TV is your babysitter
Computer is your educator
Six o'clock TV dinner
Feel good, c ya l8r

One sound one monoculture
one voice one monoculture
one heart one monoculture
no hope, no culture
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