Monochrome (Pensive) Lyrics

The Contortionist


Lyrics to Monochrome (Pensive)
Breathe in
Breathe in
I bet you couldn't sleep
I bet you couldn't see
With the tunnel vision that you had
Keeps on raining
Keeps on raining
And I bet you couldn't be
I bet you couldn't breathe
When your lungs collapsed
Keeps on raining
Keeps on raining

I know you felt alone
I know you felt it in your bones
I could feel it in my [?]
I know you couldn't sleep

[?] I can remember where to begin
Misplaced in my mind
But you didn't know what you should've done

Maybe I shouldn't have had [?]
Maybe I'm just desperate to think
You'd be fine after you lost your mother
I guess that I thought that you'd be alright
Are you alright?

I wish you the best
I wish you Godspeed
I wish you the rest
And now you can sleep
They say that life goes on
Can't imagine how you missed her
You tell me where you are
I was out when you called
It's just not that easy
When all that's left is just all your bones
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