Monkey With A Drum Lyrics

Josh Pyke

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Lyrics to Monkey With A Drum
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When is it time to surrender?
A little monkey in a lion's den
A little monkey with a drum jumpin'
For their fun
Yeah I feel a little tender then

And when I am away remember
A cheap rhyme never fits the bill
'Cos I've been around the world
But I missed my girl
And I feel a little tender still

So tell me if you're feeling tender,
My baby, if you're feeling blue
I've got some money put away
For a great escape
And I could run for a girl like you
And I can make plans if you can
I know there's fear in being true

Maybe a monkey with a drum
I am to some,
But know I'm not that to you

And I can make plans if you can
You know we've gotta take a bird's
Eye view
And from way up here
Things are looking pretty clear
Above the clouds the skies are always
Blue, always blue
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