Lyrics to Monkey
Monkey Video:
love is an organ grinder's monkey
on a three day bender behind the wheel of a truck
he's driving down the road with no shirt on and he's flipping you the finger
he's got a bottle full of bloody guts and a shotgun full of stardust

and love will shoot you down

love's no pretty thing, no starry eyes
love won't hold your hand or tuck you in for the night
love will swallow you whole and pick his teeth with your bones
and when he's done he'll spit you out and leave you to clean the mess that he's made of your heart

and love will shoot you down

and in the dark and in the light and when the moment's feeling right
you'll see the sounds and hear the sights and you'll be love's monkey in no time

he'll shoot you down

oh you stupid little monkey

love shot you down
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