Lyrics to Monkey Girl
Monkey Girl Video:
I have a date tomorrow late
Deep in the jungle of the park
Gorilla girl and monkey boy
Are meeting for the first time
A fully charged electric love
A strange communication
In fancy dress we will impress
This bored electric nation

If there is hope then I hope
You're the animal I want
And I want you to know
That I'm ready for you

I'm getting on
I'm getting off
I'm getting up to no good

We came together in mid air
The tiny tracers led us there
Two like brainwaves in carpet caves
Who probed the atmosphere for days
We traded blows in violent prose
And made arrangements heaven knows
We'll be divine in bided time
A fake fur fuzz bomb baby

In the comfort zone where the restless roam
As they drag drunk feet to the four four beat
I will get my love from a cuddly toy
Just the same as when I was a young boy
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