Moniker, Pt. 3 Lyrics

Penny & Sparrow


Lyrics to Moniker, Pt. 3
Moniker, Pt. 3 Video:
I've gone by that Moniker.
I've been "Plague"
I've been "Going Home"
And "Justice"
I'm old as time and I'm whatever I need to be
When I knock upon your door

Black tie
That's what I look like in every role in the cinema or the novel
I can't keep up with all of the ways you tame
What is comin' all the same

And before long, I'm a wraith hammer
Some will be afraid
Some will invite me over long before I call them
But I still go
I'm still gonna go
Never the kind to be late
I will arrive when I say
Some kaleidoscope in space
"Hollis fall away, don't be afraid"
A guaranty I am phantom and sting
But I've been declawed

"Old news"
I've been reduced to what you check under beds for
Or closets
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