Lyrics to Money
Money Video:
I like dollars
I like pesos
I like pounds
I like euro
I like corona
I like yen
I like rupee
Girl my friend
I like my money [repeats]

Money make the world go round round
And the dollars make the pennies come down down down
If I see her and I want her if a spend a couple of coronas
She will be right back to my condo right now now now
You see me in the club
You know how I get down
I throw the money up
I make the... count
Just ain't nobody to rock the party
Like I party like James McGuire


I like my money like they grow on trees
From the... to overseas
Bring it back
Tell them where will you deposit these
All different currencies
Sacked up in my Billy Jeans
I don't know what you've been told
But I can tell you this one thing
All day every day I'll be all about my... [repeats]
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