Lyrics to Money-Drunk
Money-Drunk Video:
Empty headed teetotalling
What makes you think down to my last finn
Can't beg myself a drink you got my 20
A kind of fool to lend cheap truck driver
Rice, beans liar
Hands in your pockets to avoid my ire
But I'm behind you sticking like a train on a curve
Ain't no disciple sewer diving fool
You got my 20 asleep in a puddle of drool

Hooked on scratch all your life
A borrowing fool now I want my greens back
It's done all for you it can kick
One hand by my side, the other around your head
Shake it once you'd best shed that skin or head for bed
Saw you on a subway bleeding still kick you twice
Take my jack and revenge can't look me in the face
You're a waste my son

I'll meet you anywhere curl your hair,
Toss you in the air 'cause there's a little something undiscussed --
You're no pet and you'll learn to regret
That entrenched grin of yours
You wise ass hawker, stocking gawker
6 toed stalker, money walker
'Cuz I'm a money drunk
And that means I get mine

Paybacks are a bitch
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