Lyrics to Monday To Monday
Monday To Monday Video:
It was a cloudy morning in Oulundi I could see the rain in your eye I was lookin? for a word to somehow make it right But the only word I found was goodbye I watched you from the doorway walkin? over the hill Your hand shadow wavin? Wavin? in the air and me saying he?ll be back He?ll be back over and over like a prayer Monday to Monday, scratching in the gold dust You were so far so far away Monday, Monday sometimes I?m forgettin? The memory of your sweet face slips away Monday to Monday but he?ll be home Sometime I?ll be home It?s terrible-terrible loving you from so far Our flower struggling in the desert sand Watered with the dry words on scraps of paper Written by a stranger?s hand But one day our home will green again And our babies they will play under the Jacaranda tree You and I will be loving close, close A day will come when we?ll be free Monday to Monday a mile down in the darkness Prayin?, prayin? to Morena Monday to Monday, I can?t ride on the blue train Watching for you by the roadside Monday to Monday I?m fighting with the feeling So far, so far, so far away But I?ll be home someday He?ll be coming home Monday to Monday a way down in the darkness Praying praying to Morena Monday to Monday, mina neizobuya Monday to Monday thinking on your sweet eyes Thinking, thinking on your strong hands Monday to Monday, time she sure go slowly Monday to Monday, can?t ride, ride on the blue train Mondag to Monday, one day I?ll be coming home Monday to Monday, hold on to yesterday

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