Lyrics to Mom's A Surfer
Mom's A Surfer Video:
Yo, my mom was a surfer
She surfed the big old waves
In Avalon New Jersey
She had a big ole brown board
With red stripes
Back in the day on the beach
When the break was right
She'll make you tight
She'll do the mashed potato
And the buckaroo

When she was inside the tube
Her legs was renewed
She was juice
And loose with her caboose in the bikini
All the fellas would whine
That she gets all the waves
And she looks so fine and pretty
So I wrote a ditty
In the days that I walked on the earth
Thats right, I said my mom can surf
Say Oh yeah
She's got the motion
Thats right
Say oh yeah
She's got the motion

Yo, Mary Jane Lorraine
Thats my mommas name
And when she steals your wave
Yo man, please don't complain
The biggest wave of the day
Is for grabbing I'm not bragging
Thats right
I said my mom can surf
Like smurfette
She'll be the only girl in the lineup
And at the bunkroom
All the fellows would line up
My dad couldn't surf
But you know he got lucky
Momma 52 years old and still truckin'
In Hawaii, Escotina and California
Tiaritz and Austrailia I think you better wait
South America, South Africa
What I'm telling ya
Is my mom can surf
And don't ask her where shes from
Or even start joking
Cuz she's good for a girl
And yes she's always local

Oh, thats right
She's got the motion yeah
I say, oh, thats right
Yeah she's got the motion
There she goes man

So mom can surf
Now you know I know what to do
I looking for you
Yeah, the girl who says if it swells
You know I'll ride it
Cuz surfer girls like surfing
And they never hide it
This little surfer girl
She's gonna wax my stick
She's driving old car from 1966
I thought she was a mermaid
Floating in the ocean
Tell her on the beach
And rub her with some suntan lotion
She got the motion
Of the sea of love in the air
Gonna surf some bikes
Be a surfing pair
She's the hitchikin' woman
And she thumbs around with me
Thats how it is and
And thats how its gonna be
So don't be jealous
Man or start cursing
Cuz thats my girl
Don't you know, she's surfing

Oh, thats right
Yeah, she's got the motion
Oh, thats right
Yeah, she got the motion
Oh, thats right
She got the motion
Mmmmm, thats right
Yeah, she got the motion
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