Momma Was An Opium-smoker Lyrics


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Lyrics to Momma Was An Opium-smoker
Momma Was An Opium-smoker Video:
Momma was an opium-smoker.
She light it with a red-hot poker.
She would never take a bath.
We would ask her- she'd just laugh.
Because our momma was an opium smoker.
She made it with a gentleman, Lincoln.
They met on a boat, it was sinking.
When she shoulda gone overboard,
Momma say, "No way, Oh my Lord."
"Only of opium smoke am I thinking."
Oh help us lord.
We can't afford. Her destructive ways.
You oughtta her hear what she says!
She would just sit on her fat ass.
Yell at us, "Fill up my wine glass!"
She would tell us, "How sad.
"You won't ever know your dad."
Oh yeah, my momma was opium-smoker.
She hide the money and the drugs under the mattress.
I wonder, how long has she been at this?
And I say, "Mom, bang the gong."
"Can't you see, it's gone all wrong?"
Oh yeah, my momma was opium-smoker.
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