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Yeah, yeah..Uhh, right, right, rightRight, right, right, rightUhh uhh uhh, feel me now, listenMomma loved me, pop left meMickey fed me, and he dressed meEric fought me, made me tougherLove you for that my nigga no matter what brahMarcy raised me; and whether right or wrongStreets gave me all I write in the songHootie babysitted, changed my diapersGil introduced me to the game that changed my life upEast Trenton grew me, had me skippin schoolValencia's boyfriend Vovo had me makin movesMomma raised me, pop I miss youGod help me forgive him I got some issuesMickey cleaned my ears, and he shampooed my hairEric was fly - shit, I used to steal his gearI was the baby boy, I could do no wrongYeah it's goin past fast - let's move alongKitchen table - that's where I honed my skillsJaz made me believe the shit was realLabels turned me down, couldn't foreseeClark sought me out, Dame believedPrimo laced me, Ski did too"Reasonable Doubt" - classic, shoulda went tripleMomma loved me, pop left meGrandma dressed me, plus she fed mebanana puddin, what's in the hood thenPuffin on L's, drinkin pink champelleTy rolled with a nigga, V.A. spotTone, Mike 'Zo and them niggaz, V.A.'s lockedVigs fucked with a nigga, whassup ha?(?) high hated the fact I put rap to the backMoney pourin in, clientele growin nowBirth of my first nephew, time to slow it downOctober 21st, Lavelle came to the worldFollowed by three more boys and then a baby girlMomma loved me, T.T. Uncle Jayloves you to death won't let no trouble come your wayOh, can't forget my man down in MarylandHe's gone 'til November, how can I not remember?Tell your moms I'm there for her and TiembraAnd your son too - there's nothin I won't doUnless you was me, how could you judge me?I was brought up in pain, y'all can't touch mePolice pursued me, chased cuffed and subdued meTalked to me rudely; cause I'm young rich and I'm blackand live in a movie, not livin by rulesNew rap patrollin the city, follow my crewsBleek you're still with me - nigga what did I say?The time is comin; you one hit awayBeans I ain't tryin to change you - just give you some gameto make the transition, from the street to the fameMy momma loves me..

Songwriters: CARTER, SHAWN / GREEN, AL
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
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