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Lyrics to Moments Rewound
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when i'm lost without a word to say
when i'm not the most intriguing, will you stay
when i've called just to hear you say hi
will you find me too needy and walk away
and I know these are silly questions to ask you
'cause you've proven to love me far beyond my faults
and I'll hold on to every conversation if it could be our last
when you're not breathing I beg for one more breath with you
when you're silent, I hang on to every word
and there are no regrets with this love
rewind to any moment you like
sit back remember, I will always sit back with you
oh how cool you wished to be, we were both so nervous
but at peace at the same time knowing this was right
the time I moved in closely for what you weren't expecting
think on this, but don't miss
don't long for the past, long for what comes next
come away with life, come away with love
with something better
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