Lyrics to Moments
Moments Video:
Moments They Are So Silent In Me I Try To See Your Face, Your Eyes And Your Body I?m Sending All My Thoughts To You Whereever You May Be I Hope That They Are Telling You From The War I Fight In Me Moments Of Emotions Just Let Me Sink To Deep (Moments, They Are So Silent In Me) Moments Full Of Pain Are Going To Break My Heart In Two Parts (Silence - I Hear You Calling To Me) I?m Wandering Around And I Whisper Your Name And I Know I Know That You Won?t Hear (Moments - They?re Coming True In My Dreams) I?m Drowning In Passion I Go Through The Ashes Of Memories - Of You (Drowning In Memories) Moments, They Are So Sad... Just Wonder About Your Silent Leaving Emotion I?m Listening To Your Voice In me, I Try To Read Your Sense Imagine All The Stories - Coming True In Dreams...

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