Lyrics to Modern Man
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[Verse 1]
Sole down on the coldest pavement
Hear the music and I'm coming out to face it
In the place where they may get facelifts instead of trying to get a bit of
Walk a thin line on an incline all above a little bit of sentimental circus
And we thought this what we we're owed think these motherfuckers
May be
Getting nervous
I'm on some take what's mine in your face for the dime like an eighth of the
Time wait faithfully primed
Get a place and a time shit i been casing your grind
You ain't even really seen and running with the coldest
The JD in my bloodstream knows it
You all crooked and your whole team shows it
We break crews like you for the
This is a message for all of those trying to hold me back
Beware when the kid got an open jack
Get ya back up in another sunny col de sac
They say he's humble but don't ever tease the line
Cuz you may wake a sleeping giant right around his feeding time

I can't sleep good
While these crabs are in this bucket and
They all are trying to keep us down up in this motherfucker
I Can't eat good
When there's poison in my food
Cuz they preserve the day it's due so we can get it tasting new
I can't speak good
Cuz I'm raised to just behave
Instead of go and seize the day they told me learn to be a slave
I can't sleep good eat good speak good so tell me now what's a modern man to do?

I can't sleep good
I can't eat good
I can't speak good
What's a modern man to do?

[Verse 2]
In the middle of a seance with the same song i been laid off for the paper
Get him up and lay walls cuz the hate falls right away on to your neighbors
Enemies are closer and approach ya with the potent dose of don't ya need a donor
I'm good bro and the loaner you can keep it with it's shitty little owner own up
I'm on some take what's yours gimme bass in the core with a taste of the war
It was safer before when we wade to the shore just to get another fate from The Lord
I be running round and trying to figure out the cycle
With a bit of bullshit an a rifle
When I spit an pull shit get an eyeful
This strange mans not a god damn idol
You been so busy just chasing the dream that they sold you quick
Bend over back up and just slowly drift
On top of that pack of exploding dicks
They say us passive will get fucked along the line
But you may only get the time to take one breath before you're mine

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