Mockingbird Lyrics

Rea Garvey


Lyrics to Mockingbird
Mockingbird Video:
You plant your roots in a moving car
You don't leave you run away
I talk you down from your better days
Sweet confusion love me not
Short change is all you got
Where you lie is where you rule
Dedicated to a chosen few

You've been giving it your whole life
A jester
Who bows before his king
Suspicious minds give in
As the curtain falls
You've been living it your whole life
Yeah you
You've been giving it your whole life
Confess to her
Fall before your queen
And the rapsody she'd brings
Like a mockingbird she sings
Like a mockingbird she sings

Halleluja Halleluja

Your four walls are your enemies
You can't commit to what you can't be
Your love of life is your liberty
You leave your tracks on the mind of a girl you
Had a one night stand and shot through
I'm going gone I'm going gone
And I don't turn back for anyone

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