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Lyrics to Mls [meghan's Last Song]
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this is the last song i'll ever write about meghan cuz no one wants to hear another one and to tell you the truth i'm sick of writing them..Just remember [like i always will the night we said]

tonite was the night where we both fell in love and tonite was the night where we looked at the stars above from a parking lot

no one wants to hear another song about you, and tomorrow when i wake up i'll try to forget your name but it wont happen

the rain drops that fall on my winshield on this long drive home [down 1a to oldpost] are like the tears MEghan cries [or she will one day] when she realizes she's empty inside [i'm sorry but it's true]

all the times i let you down, and all the times i hurt you, they don't matter tonite [cuz i realize you brought them on yourself]
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