Lyrics to Mixtape Isht
[DJ Scratch/cuts]
Werd n Deek
Fuck the bizzies bitch it Edinburgh city
Came a long way
From back in the day
Right now a concentrate on
This fucking rap game
This is our mixtape
Got the pen give me the paper a'l sign
Am nineteen but I've skills
Got the pen give me the paper a'l sign
Fuck this rap shit am staying on the chav shit

Fucking tell them Deeko

This isn't rap Werd what's going on now
I see the throne in my sight
So best believe I will go for the crown
All my buddies got my back keep on holding me down
The haters don't want me to rise keep on holding me down
(They watched me)
Through binoculars they trying to stop me
They want me gone cause their girlfriend said that am too cocky
Is Deek back you god damn right the new Rocky
About to attack rappers chew them up like toffee
So fuck them
If you want me a could lyrically punish them
With once glance a could send an army to hunt for them
They trying to be a dick watch me making a cunt of them
My beefs like my football boots (how) I'm done with them
Underrated till a upgraded to number one spot
Me and Werd joint first like what he has when he wakes up
Get seldom tired of rappers bringing my name up
Unless it's props you making a foul now your games up

Heard the news I'm in my prime it's prime time
Prime mate evolved a little quicker than time lines
Predicted ad have a primitive mind but find
When son shine a get it popping like gun crime
Yeah come stoned and rock shows
Plus am so tight that blood you can't flow
Yeah a kick it like a strike in a match
Bring fire like am striking a match
And I could pull you out the seat of that Seat (You see that)
Hit you right where your nose be at (You Be-atch)
Yeah you know where we at
Top right of the map
We're top Writers and you lost like your needing a map
Or a compos fuck it we are guys we come first
Your like little girls and fucking with men hurts
How do a have to spell it out for dumb fucks

[DJ scratch]
S.O.S. fuckers right now and all day
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