Lyrics to Mittens
Mittens Video:
I ate my fingers
she looked Catholic and kind
no need to confess
the prints are everywhere
I sucked the blood back
รข??cause sex isn't everything
lost in the memory
of your insides
and when she left here
I was there for you
windshields and rain
body, soul and mind
you dressed the grave with
our oceania roses
I'll forgive you if you just touch my eyes

but I don't know how you suddenly stop loving
doesn't it always just go on?

you pray for pilgrims
and moonlit after-alls
cold survival
and frozen water falls
distasteful icons
and conflicts you don't mind
always searching for
everlasting life

so when you said I was your favourite thing
did you lie or was I imagining?
since you left me standing in the rain
barely understanding but standing all the same
your love seems strange and not worth thinking of
if what we had could suddenly just stop
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