Lyrics to Mister Grieves
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I know you Mister Grieves, my friend, sitting in by the fire
Falling down to your knees you say Hallelujah, Hallelu
My oh my mister grieves, again, you're starting out a bit too late
Can't make up for all the things you did
but Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Let's all have a good time. It's the holy part of me
Let's all have a good time and worry when our faces start to show it
We'll worry when we realize we've blown it
Cry away mister grieves, all day. It's the last emotion you'll feel
You truly have my sympathy but not my pity. Pitiful.
Mister Grieves how'd it come to this? You always thought you be on top
You'd start behaving right one of these days but now it's too late
Now it's gone away.

Cause nothing really matters till you're smart enough to know it
And then you'll get a glimpse of what it's like to be a poet.
Time is running out for dying old man Mister Grieves.
Wasted one whole life and now he's just repeating please.
Strange how Mister Grieves never professed in these beliefs.
Now he's all alone at least.

And in the morning sun wipe away your tears
Wipe away your tears when the wind blows.
You could be just like me, and you will be just fine. You will be just fine.
Mister Grieves
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