Lyrics to Mistakes
Mistakes Video:
What's life without you baby
I know I made a lot of mistakes
And I ask you for forgiveness
And if lovin you is a crime, then I plead guilty

[Chorus 2X: Pras Michel]
(1) Hey yo I made my mistakes, and real talk is
(2) Made my mistakes, and real talk is
This time I gotta do whatever it takes cause I
{"hear you call"} and I ain't leavin without you
Goin nowhere, yeah, I'm standin right here

[Pras Michel]
I need you more than ever before, girl for sure
You know, it's all fair in, love and war
Through, health and sickness, rich or poor
Yeah life never seem to tell us what it has in store
But you're my angel in the mornin when the rain falls
At my beck and call whether I ball or stall
Never intimidated, we can make reservations
Polly 'bout Revelations...
Get deep like subway stations, you love the conversation
You love this nappy-haired, natural born Haitian
Check it, make you feel good like Dr. Feelgood
Party in the hood baby, it's all good
Never mind that, forget 'bout the small talk
Let's conjure up some thoughts, and take a short walk
Up the driveway, straight to my crib
Commitin sex crime and the kids'll be the bid


[Pras Michel]
I'm just a, simple man, can't you, understand
If you know like I know you know I got a master plan
Ice up that finger with this, wedding band
Now our bank card reads Mr. and Mrs. Geechy Dan
Share wit'chu, my life of sin
Scripted with this liquid pen, come again
Mighta lost a couple battles but this war we win
Even though our enemies baby lies within
Wit'chu by my side I got nothin to lose
You and I against the world, what the hell we got to prove?
Unconditional love, let's swing an episode
I'm stocked up and my mojo is overload
I adore you baby, from head to toe
And you know my style is so unbelievable
But I've made my mistakes and I do realize
Please listen babycakes cause I do apologize


[Pras Michel]
I like to, greet the sun, and walk among the stars
Watch you from afar even though men are from Mars
The way I treated you and made your life so hard
Can't really express it all in 48 bars
Cause sometimes in life we all have pain and sorrow
Wit'chu by my side I look forward to tomorrow
I give you everything I own, you shelter me
You taught me how to cry, baby you set me free
I know love don't love nobody
If that's to be true don't rain on this party
We'll bang all night to kill the sunrise
I'm the first one you see when you open your eyes
When it's all said and done girl you're my soulmate
I made some mistakes, hope I'm not too late
From the bottom of my heart hope my light shines through
Like Donny Hathaway I wrote this song for you, ju know

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