Lyrics to Mistake
Mistake Video:
Love's always been such a hard word to

Use what I feel when I'm around

You give it to me, if that what you choose

In my heart there's a feeling, only one way to lose

Why stay with me, when I'm such a loser

Whirlwind emotions and I'm growing closer

One rainy day, a love rollercoaster

And one sunny day, you begging, I chose her

And I made a mistake

Now your heart will break

Didn't mean to make you sad

You were the best I'd ever had

And I want you to know

You don't have to go

Just cause I'm a star

I'm not going that far

I saw you again at another punk rock show

Forming questions, ever so slow

Will you have me again, will I ever know

Talk to me again, that's all I really want though

Am I moving too fast

Cause I want this to last

Place a ring upon your hand

Let's blow this popsicle stand
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