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Lyrics to Mississippi Steamboat
Mississippi Steamboat Video:
Was gonna hop a freight train and take it on down
Take along my best suit of clothes
Get on down to some Ohio River town
Sail on down to Cabo

Mississippi Steamboat I'm headed your way
Gonna walk your plank on the shore
Sit myself down by the nearest deck of cards
On a lonely river of gold

Sittin' in the back room with grandpa
When I was only a boy
Was telling stories and playing cards 'til dawn
Oh Mississippi Steamboat

It took me two years just to save enough
To bankroll my big chance
Hoping by the time I reach New Orleans
That I'll be a wealthy man
Live while I can, yeah

When I sat down I got settled for the game
Watched the others cold stare
My first night on the river queen
And all I could find was a pair

Woke up the next day halfway broke
I took a stop in Tennessee
Down on Beale Street I hear the blues
By the Memphis Cold Country Man

Sat down again without knowing right
I was hurried up and ready to play
Was hoping that the cards would be on my side
I had only one more day

Took a while but I evened up
Lady Lucky was holdin' my hand
And you know boy by the time the sun came up
I was a wealthy man
Live while I can, yeah

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