Mississippi Squirrel Revival Lyrics

Ray Stevens

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Lyrics to Mississippi Squirrel Revival
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Well when I was a kid I would take a trip every Summer down to "Mississipp," to visit my Granny and 'er "Auntie Bellum World." I'd run barefooted all-day long, climbing trees free as a song; One day I happened to catch myself a squirrel. Well I stuffed him down in an old shoe box, and punched a couple holes in the top; When Sunday came I snuck em' in the Church. I sittin' way back on the very last pew showin em' to my good buddy Hugh, when that squirrel got loose and went totally buzzerk. Well what happened next is hard to tell; some thought it was Heaven others thought it was Hell, but the fact that something was among was plain to see. As the choir sang " I Surrender All", the squirrel ran up Harv Newman's coveralls, and Harv leaped to his feet and said something's got a hold on me yeeeooow! CHORUS The day the squirrel went buzzerk in the First Self-Righteous Church in that sleepy little town of Pascagoula. It was a fight for survival that broke out in revival. They were jumpin' pews and shoutin' "Hallelujah". VERSE 2 Well Harv hit the aisles dancin' and screamin'. Some thought he had Religion others thought he had a demon, and Harv thought he had a weed-eater loose in his fruit-of-the-looms. He fell to his knees to plead and beg, and the squirrel ran out of his britchy-leg; unobserved to the other side of the room. All the way down to the AMEN pew, where sat "Sister Bertha Better-than-You", who had been watching all of the commotion with sufistic glee. But shoot, you should have seen the look in her eyes when that squirrel jumped her garders and crossed her thighs. And she jumped

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