Mission Solved, Problem Accomplished Lyrics



Lyrics to Mission Solved, Problem Accomplished
Mission Solved, Problem Accomplished Video:
Home is a place where you keep all doors locked
and you sleep with a gun in your pillowcase and you put on your bravest face

who dare come knocking on your boarded door?
it's like they didn't bother to read the signs someone tell them they're out of line

there's a whole world your afraid of and it's right outside your door
you don't wanna be a part of it anymore

cause taking part means taking chances not like you have a lot to lose
but it's nice to have the option to never call a truce

mission solved, problem accomplished

for all the news you have seen all the lies fed to your through the screen
like a monologue reread from the mezanine
and the reverberating voice acting like blinders of noise distorting the feed of reality

no point in staying sober the show is far from over

you prefer the sweet translation of the world
third act, curtain falls, applause, they've saved the girl
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