Lyrics to Mission Bells
Mission Bells Video:
maybe tonight maybe tomorrow maybe three a.m.
I will recall the sound of the little ones
so quiet as you turned to make your way back home
everybody wondered everybody here decided
maybe if the rains had come to wash my face I'd be okay

I heard the mission bells calling out your name again
I wondered what could be owing to that thought again

maybe tonight maybe tomorrow maybe five a.m.
a stone will fall and you will see the morning sun
so bright as you turn to face the only star
everybody called out everybody held together
maybe if the thought of you would disappear I'd be okay

all I want is a shoulder to lean on
all I need is a friend
all I want is for someone to feel like me
I don't feel like a friend

could be tonight maybe tomorrow can I once again
try and recall the sound of the universe
so quiet in the autumn of our innocence
everybody wondered everybody understood
if only I could get to where I am for once I'd be ok
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