Miss Lonely (are you blue?) Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to Miss Lonely (are you blue?)
Miss Lonely (are you blue?) Video:
Oh, the night has sent you out for loving,
and the day finds you back out running
as dawn becomes the lover?s enemy,
and you hope perhaps you can find
someone that won't leave you behind,
a victim of life?s sad mystery.

Oh, oh, come on, you can step inside,
The stairs won't follow you,
If you hide the walls won't even ask you why.
Miss Lonely, are you blue tonight.

Parks and subways people sitting
with their faces where you see nothing written
look up, look down or wander nervously
with their eyes that find no place for resting
and their thoughts that only can leave you guessing
you know there ain't no face here that could ever set you free


Too tired for thoughts of suicide
you watch someone with eyelids wide
some puppy who just takes it out of need
with life played out so violently
cruel to the one watching wistfully
never knowing to say help or to say please

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