Lyrics to Misery Hunt
Misery Hunt Video:
Scaling the woods
delighting hunger
let the famine escape
from which you condone
eating the
shredded carcass
devour marrow break the bones

nocturnal cannibalistic
grotesque realistic
end the optimistic
blood lust relinquished

frenzy through the flesh
revel with your prize
blood soars through the air
as you eat it alive

surging convulsions
spastically screaming
devour flesh endlessly bruised lapping
and licking
gulping and guzzling
its red salty juice

rip through the meat
teeth used as a saw
tearing and mulching flesh
eat human raw

bite off the tongue
suck out its eyes
break off its hands
and removal of its thighs

eat your human pray
its life means the least
rejoice in its blood
food for you the beast
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