Lyrics to Mirror Of The Mad
Mirror Of The Mad Video:
That hate is in my head
That hate is in my mind
All I see is darkened by your shadow
You're a friend in sorrow

That hate is my poison
That hate is my anger
All my joy is pain
All my joy is pain!!!

Hypnotize me and let me dream in the lostlands
Follow me through the path of despair
Don't try to escape from the mirror that faces you
For eternity, the hate will grow in you

That hate is in my veins
That hate is in my soul
Does it care when I lose my head?
Does it smile when I'm in pain?

That hate is my passion
That hate is my power
All my smiles are stitched
All my smiles are stitched!!!


The hate will grow in you!

I see my face in the mirror
I see my shadow on the wall
Am I crazy? Am I lazy? Am I stupid?
Am I wrong? Am I right?
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