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Lyrics to Miracles Happens
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Do you wanna go with me?Do I have to wearA shirt and tie?We can take a limousineBut everybody there will ask us why.Ain't nothin' wrongWe can have a little fun and playAs long as we never forgetHow to stop and prayIf you've been setOn partying 'til your head is numbBetta not forgetThat the party is when the kingdom comesCome on and danceAll your troubles awayAnd look thru the windows of heavenIt's not too lateChorusMy lifeYeahIt's your lifeYeahDon't wanna get it wrongIt's time to get it rightMy lifeYeahIt's your lifeYeahNeed to make a changeTime for savingMy lifeI was a messBut that was all before I told him yesNow it's all good'Cause everyone in his will is blessedJust let him take all your troubles awayLook thru the windows of heavenIt's not too lateChorusDon't wanna wait too longIt might be too lateChorus

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