Lyrics to Minutes
Minutes Video:
Seems like here and now got lost somehow
High and dry I follow in your way
When the ship comes in, the hour begins
As we drift into the bay

Somehow we got lost
Somehow we belong

These minutes scream beyond our little agernon
To think about your bedroom for a while
These rushing minutes be a little entity
And this we say is killing me

Somehow, we got lost
Somehow, we belong

Come to this place
I've been waiting here so long
This time I've frozen dear
Let the oceans wash away the taste

Who gave up
I don't know
And the spring remains injust
With the winter snow

The gifts you send my dear
Picasso's melting ear
I cannot leave this place
Without an ocean of forgiveness

My watch is wound to all
Like a rolling cannonball
All the whispers gone
Where have the minutes gone
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