Lyrics to Minus Won
Minus Won Video:
Had a talk with the man about the great white noise
that surrounds life all around.
It used to be four sharp corners but miser lost its shape.
'Cos my shadow creeps up on me even in the dark haunting words forming thoughts.
Invisible criminal never caught so it never stops, and hence, a life made out of clay.

Sender street lights up drunk.
The manuscripts are in the ash trays.
I keep the records spinning round.
Sharks will catch me if it's loud.
Their plans and schemes on fire.
They go... Doo do Doo do.

The sea breathes me in like a dirty midnight dream.
I have the key but the lock's jammed stuck.
Just one more time and I'll get right back to us.
In the sun.

And lend me the sounds of what you make out of the minus-plus days
and I'll recall it too.
And I'll recall it too.
When I'll go to sleep tonight,
I'll be in this barrel of God damn gray.
Don't say it's true.
(loving you)
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