Lyrics to Minotaur
Minotaur Video:
I'm on the run, my mind has turned on me, and I can finally see
That everything is not quite what it seems
Reality's a mess, and it's time to address what's man and what's machine

And I can say this now, but still it's wrong somehow
Scared of what we've become, we're monsters old and young

The poison fills the room but what are we to do but sit and wait for all our faits
It takes eternity for all of us to see that death is no more than a dream

Ooh la la la listen to me sing the songs from all my dreams that don't quite make sense
My head is in the clouds but feet are on the ground waiting for something better

Dig a hole in the sky and tear open my mind
Dig a hole in the ground and fill it with the clouds

Let your monsters sing from the caves beyond our reach

I know it's deep inside you, it's deep inside us all
and in the end you'll die just like the Minotaur
Cause your scars are not worth hiding in the end
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