Lyrics to Minority Music
Minority Music Video:
Have you heard? Have you heard? All real music is dead and gone. And all that's left is pop-star princes and their million dollar songs. Some people sing this with their mouth right through their twisted tongue. But I scream this with my heart cause real music isn't sung. Broadcast this to all the stations. Make sure they hear this song. Cause I want every dead-eyed kid to know there's something wrong! Dead-end music for dead-end lives, with deadly taste and deadly minds. They've closed their ears and turn their backs on all that's real, on all that counts. I hope you didn't get any blood on the money because I heard you stabbed yourself in the fucking back. I would take these burning lungs over your pop-filtered voice. And I would take these rusted strings even if you gave me the choice. Have you heard their music? Have you heard their songs? Can't you see that they are what the fuck is wrong? And now we're the only one's saying, I'd rather die than live like you

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