Lyrics to Minneapolis
Minneapolis Video:
i was at the jabberjaw
the cutest boy i ever saw
he was standing behind me
he was such a dream
he kept looking right my way
i want to see him everyday
randy told me where he lives

in minneapolis

hung around 'til holding time
i want to make him mine all mine
i told my friends i wanted to leave
and they embarassed me
i took my keys out for my car
walked down the street not very far
he came running after me
he saw me at the entry


he said "i heard you asked 'bout me"
and i responded "yes" quietly
he said "i'm leaving on wednesday
come see me when low plays"
so i went to see him again
he should be my new best friend
running so romantically
down the street for me
so we said we'd write or call
'cause i'll be touring in the fall
he said he wanted me to move
but that just won't do

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