Mine (Chaeryeong) Lyrics


Born To Be

Lyrics to Mine (Chaeryeong)
Somebody like you
Somebody like me
I think we got something special

You know it's real, 재미없이
넌 맘을 들켜버려 또 (Yeah)
Confusing me, 어떤 순간에도
No lie (No lie), no lie (Lie, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah)

Uh-oh, 이젠 숨길 수 없지
너의 맘에 남긴 something
Give you a chance to prove it now
Tell me 솔직히 더
정답은 없어 you know
"I can't get you out of my mind"

I've been lookin' for somebody like you
난 네 주위를 또 맴돌아, 맴돌아
내 모든 시선은 always find you
난 네 주위를 또 맴돌아, 맴돌아
And that I know

Forever mine, already mine
Just say it, du-dubi, dubi, dubi, da
Forever mine, already mine
Not a secret, du-dubi-di, dubi-di, du, la-la

Just tell me the truth (Truth)
I've been waiting (I've been waiting)
I think wе got something special
Say, just say you want me
시간이 더 가기 전에
Tik-tok, tik-tok