Mind Melter Lyrics



Lyrics to Mind Melter
Mind melter wreaking havoc in your brain
Bomb shelters couldn't save you from this rain
Acid drips through your skull
It peculates down to your soul
Three eyes become one
A new era has just begun

Brain eater devouring your cells
Soul feeder, destination: Living Hell
A medicine for the strange
Helps your neurons to rearrange
Place the slip on your tongue
A new era has just begun
Psychedelics on a hot August night is a revelation
Acid rain on a burial site like an incantation
Turn my gaze to the Lord of the Light in admiration
To the God of the Moon
Day dreamer, a spectre of your dreams
Deep sleeper with lucid color schemes
Let your senses expand
Until your conscious can understand
Say goodnight to the sun
A new era has just begun
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