Mind Fuck Lyrics



Lyrics to Mind Fuck
(Hey, River)

It's like I can't catch a break
It's like I can't catch a break
All these fuck niggas is fake
Say they love you to your face
Really they just playing games
Bitch I hope you say your grace
God gon' come attack your ass
Just 'cause you been on your ass
Goin' good gon' get you past
I say fuck the damn past, huh
I'm so like that, I get praise like shit when I do damn bad
Bitch I can't give you the recipe
'Cause these hoes ain't like the rest of me
I can't tell you what is next of me
I don't even know the rest of me, huh
I just hope that you fuck niggas know It ain't gon' go well if you keep testing me
I gave your ass like two chances
Bitch I got like two stances
Shadow works like move dances
Fifty-fifty that's the key
Bitch it ain't no trickin' me
Just when you think you get to me, I'm mind-fucking your stupid ass
You hoes ain't got no damn class
You smilin' but I know you sad
But that's just how this shit work
Bitch don't get your soul hurt
'Cause I can get dark, toss some shit that have the whole room hurt
I'm powerful, bitch
And that's just how it is, I can't change it

(Hey, River)