Million Years Lyrics

Nico Vega

Nico Vega

Lyrics to Million Years
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A common man is a common cold.
I'm bigger than a body
and sweeter than gold.
I've got swords for hands
and detective eyes
you've never known something quite
like the back of my thighs.
Your low baby low,
so own your shit.
Because you done fucked up
and you're scared of it.
You better learn from a man
who's afraid to dance
with a witch like me
and her wicked trance.

I've been around for a million years,
no matter how hard you try you can't fuck with this.

A spider bite is a natural wound,
but a dagger in the back is a plastic tomb,
nobody knows the trouble I've seen,
but they know the sound of their own damn scream.
Lady bug bring me news
of a soul so rich and a crystal pool,
let it burn let it burn,
singing songs of truth
an honest man is a shade of blue.

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