Lyrics to Mike Epps Intro
Mike Epps Intro Video:
[Mike Epps:]
Check this out man!
This yo' man mayne, partner man?, deither? that Mike Epps!
Baby panther all the o-other either eatin' it buff.
And I just want let you know right now you listen to that G-Unit Part 11! [echoes]
Yayo's home on home, pretend you right now eatin'... barbeque sandwiches and... chipses shit!
Havin' all Cadillac, different Puerto Rican bitches with puupy pitbulls stop it to the crib!
So make sure you right to Yayo's home and check him out!
And givin' celebration off comin' home on home pretend you!
Welcome home Yayo!
Matter of fact...
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