Lyrics to Might Have Been
Might Have Been Video:
i am the balloon man
i have a little pushcart vending stand
if you take everything i know
wrap it up in a rubber band
it would lie like a quarter in the palm of your hand
flip it end over end
you gotta take your chances every now & then
hold a bright balloon up to a gray sky
say goodbye to what might have been
once in a while, you gotta let it go
just let it go
these words are little paper boats
i kneel on shore send them downstream
you can give up on me give up on me give up on me
i'm everything you might have been

you probably will not notice
but i'll be the one who holds the door
when you rush past with empty hands
to walk the park for hours and
wait for a train that doesn't come
i'll be there when you
say goodbye
to someone you'll always love
when you take a taxi to nowhere
sit outside a theater
...on a park bench in the rain
...when you think you're seeing things
...i'm your reflection in the window of a train
i'm everything you might have been
i'm everything you might have been
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