Lyrics to Midnight Son
Midnight Son Video:
How gentle is the night
It never gets dark at all
Even if you stumble, man
They never let you fall
The light is pure as the water
In the fjord
And no line separates
The sealine from the shore

But it's only dark at midnight
When it comes
There must be a reason
And it must be fate
It must be fate that
I'm the only one
Yes, it must be fate that I'm the
Midnight son!

There seems to be too much
Trouble every where
It's in the papers -- I can feel
It in the air
Some are helpless and they
Turn to Jesus
They never knew --
That the Indians would leave us!


My woman, she's exhausted
From the flight
She just can't seem to
Understand the light
She's dreamin; now of all
She left behind
But I swear her soul,
Her soul is due to still arrive

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