Midnight Snack Lyrics

The Donnas

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Lyrics to Midnight Snack
Midnight Snack Video:
V1. I'm sitting all alone in my room
With no one to share my oranjeboom
Everyone else in the house is asleep
And i want you right here next to me
Cause baby I'm not tired yet
So I head down to the kitchenette

Ch. For a midnite snack
(midnite snack)
For a midnite snack
(midnite snack)
Tell that girl of yours that you'll be right back
Cause I want a little piece of you with my midnite snack

V2. You drove up without your headlights on
I met you halfway across the lawn
And then you made me a rootbeer float
But we finished it before you took off your coat
Baby you've got the right attitude
You know that junk food gets me in the mood

Ch. Br. I just wanna borrow you
And a box of cereal too
Don't have a heart attack
Cause you can have her back
I just want you for a midnite snack

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