Lyrics to Midnight Sky
Midnight Sky Video:
I feel that this is all just too familiar.
I had a lot of plans in life and this had to interfere.
Maybe I'll be on my way day after day, after today.
And i hope this wont interfere with that.

Looking up at the midnight sky, I'm just pretending that I'm always alright.
But I'm trying so hard not to cry, and everything inside me wants to die.
I don't think I want to stay. This time tomorrow I would've been on my way.
Looking forward to a brighter day, now nothing can stand in my way.

I feel that this has only made me stronger.
You wanted me to show you and I'm giving you the proof.
Jesus will take me through day after day, like today.
And I know I will persevere tonight.

I'd go through the world just to be close to you.
And give up forever to spend time with you.
Your once in a lifetime, your always with me.
Reasons to love you are not left unseen.
We would be joyful and never be sad.
Life would go on and you'd be my dad.
We'd run through the valleys and never look back.
We could forget all of the things in my past.
I would grow older and closer to you. I promise that I will stay true to you.
If there's one thing in life that I wish I could be;
That one thing is you because of your love for me
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