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Midnight Carnival

Lyrics to Midnight Carnival
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Lost in Midnight Carnival, forced to lurk now on my own
Never thought I'd be able to bear this
I'm lost in Midnight Carnival, I've lost the sense in coming home
because all the faithless feel home in this place

Dare it and come in, the sorrow and the sins are waiting for you
This is the place you need, Happiness you're finding here
Come and get as lost as I am play with the harlequins
I've been living a mortal live to find out who I am
Didn't find out anything an afterlife couldn't tell
Found a place so colorful sweet where beauty is hiding gore
I've been trapped inside this place and found out my true self

Sssshhhht Did you hear that sound right behind
I'll appear when you don't think I would run... fear... pain... kill...
Burning in my head I cannot feel, what is left from my past
Is a bitter feeling theories of memories, can't decide what I real
What still kept its meaning, I only know I am caged

Can't remember you as I slowly turn insane
And my pulse is the only thing that shows me a sign yeah
of being still alive in a world like a cage of illusions
I need your essence of a world from outside
Inhaling the light, darkness descending
Like a maggot in an empty shell
I want to fill it again all life is wasted
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